Had a lot of fun making Amy’s first tattoo today. Thanks lady!

More like this please! Finished today, half healed. Thanks Michelle!

I feel bad reposting, but this photo was 10x betteršŸ˜¬

Finished this chest piece today. Right side healed. #animalliberation

(Source: theroguegrizzly)

Squeezed in the robot from “lost in space” on keanon’s forearm. About the size of a playing card. Thanks Keanon!!!!

Durth hurd murth. Goodnight

Added some lines. Now it’s bed time. All the paintings I post are available to tattoo, booking for September. Goodnight.

Couldn’t sleep until I put it to paper. Inspired by a beautiful mask I saw at the museum of natural history last week in NYC. Goodnight.

Orders shipping out today. Still have a few of prints left for both of these paintings. $10 at the shop or $15 shipped. PayPal: philthespaniard@gmail.com - check mark family and friends, include which print you would like and the address to be shipped to in the description. Thanks everyone!!!!