Finished this chest piece today. Right side healed. #animalliberation

(Source: theroguegrizzly)

Squeezed in the robot from “lost in space” on keanon’s forearm. About the size of a playing card. Thanks Keanon!!!!

Durth hurd murth. Goodnight

Added some lines. Now it’s bed time. All the paintings I post are available to tattoo, booking for September. Goodnight.

Couldn’t sleep until I put it to paper. Inspired by a beautiful mask I saw at the museum of natural history last week in NYC. Goodnight.

Orders shipping out today. Still have a few of prints left for both of these paintings. $10 at the shop or $15 shipped. PayPal: - check mark family and friends, include which print you would like and the address to be shipped to in the description. Thanks everyone!!!!

Prints now available for both of these paintings. $10 at the shop, $15 shipped. Make payments to PayPal: for orders- check mark family and friends. Note address you would like shipped to and which print. Thanks!!!!!

Responding to emails when I’m back in town on Monday, thanks everyone for your patience!!!

It’s a wrap for this one. Might do prints if anyone wants one.